Beauty of imperfection


Beauty of Imperfection is a collection that comes from an exploration into the interplay of colour pattern and texture by layering different print processes and embracing the sometimes unpredictable results.


Viscose silk is a very sensual fabric that combined with devoré is a perfect vehicle for this subtle layering of colour and pattern. The sophisticated and elegant process of devoré is also by nature a destructive one, taking away some parts of the textile structure while leaving others intact, which creates a vulnerability in the fabric. Embracing these small imperfections and marks accepts their presence as an integral part of the work and distinguishes the hand of the maker from the machine.


Print processes:

Double dyeing - Devoré - Mono print - Screen print

Discharge - Hand painting



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Part of this collection will be showing in New Horizons at Coast Gallery in Zhuhai,China from 15th December 2018 to 25th February 2019.


New Horizons showcases Chinese design graduates and new talents from across the globe curated by Duomi Art Design Studio from

Zhuhai in partnership with China Design Centre from London.

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