abstract panels


These pieces come from an exploration into the interplay of colour pattern and texture by layering of multiple print processes, a key one being devoré. The material is viscose silk, a very sensual fabric that combined with devoré is a perfect vehicle for this subtle layering of colour and pattern.


The Japanese concept of wabi sabi  is one of finding beauty in imperfection and devoré is a sophisticated and elegant process that is by nature an imprecise and destructive one , taking away some parts of the textile structure while leaving others intact, which creates a vulnerability in the fabric. The acceptance of  small imperfections and marks acknowledges their presence as an integral part of the work and distinguishes the hand of the maker from the machine.


Print processes:

Double dyeing - Devoré - Mono print - Screen print

Discharge - Hand painting - Bonding and stitching



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panel 3


Gold & Mandarin Abstracts

gold & mandarin panels

Gold Abstract (detail 3) Mandarin Abstract