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I am a textile artist making work of individual character using a mixture of materials to create sophisticated pieces that combine craft elements with abstract imagery.


Colour in any form delights me. It has a positive energy and exuberance that I’ve always been drawn to and playful use of colour with pattern and texture is a signature of my work. Inspiration comes from an eclectic range of sources - from ethnic design, tribal symbolism and body art to the organic structures in adventurous architecture and the patterns of the natural world that microphotography reveals.


I am at my happiest when I am working on a new idea. Experimentation and play are key to finding new ways to express myself and I have a very loose approach to making. I love the unpredictability that it brings and I find the freedom to re-invent and re-assemble very seductive.  It's an organic process that begins with a percolation of subconscious images, colours and textures, eventually emerging to take shape as a new piece of work.


I graduated with a Masters Distinction in Textiles from University for the Creative Arts.








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