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I am an artist, designer and maker with a profound love of colour. For me it has a lyrical energy and exuberance that resonates with me and it is at the heart of everything I create. I’m very aware of colour pattern and texture in the world around me. Vibrant use of these things has become a signature of my work along with a playful layering of shades, tones, and marks. It’s a visual vocabulary that I express in abstract form.


My creative practice is rooted in painting from where I can follow any number of directions mixing diverse materials and methods to create sophisticated pieces. I have a very loose approach to work and I like a sense of the unknown in the making. I’m seduced by the fun of re-invention and re-assembly and the sense of freedom that comes with experiment and it's a natural instinct for me to consider the order of things, the hidden and the visible, masking and unmasking and how things fit together.


Music is a big part of my life. Mixing materials and using multiple techniques on the same piece gives me a sense of composing redolent of the tempo and dynamics of a musical composition. I nearly always have something playing in my studio when I’m working, whether music or a soundscape and I think it becomes a subliminal feed into my work. I can often recognise the kind of music I was listening to in gestures, shapes and marks and the feel of the finished piece.


My life has been one of twists and turns but always my choices have been made towards following a creative path and finding the courage to making life changing decisions when I have to. Being creative is a way I can express my sense of adventure, harmony and happiness and its a feeling I hope those who see my work will take away with them.


Favourite artists: Albert Irvin, Gillian Ayres, Mali Morris, Hella Jongerius, Dale Chjihuly









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