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I am a textile artist making work of individual character using a mixture of materials to create sophisticated pieces that combine craft elements with abstract imagery.


Colour in any form delights me. It has a positive energy and exuberance that I’ve always been drawn to and the freedom to re-invent and re-assemble is very seductive so I have a very loose approach to making. The unpredictable results that experimentation and play throw up are key elements of my practice.


I work with multiple mediums to achieve different means of expression but always with the same intention of using a visual vocabulary which crosses all materials and this playful use of colour with pattern and texture is a signature of my work. Visual inspiration comes from an eclectic range of sources which encompasses tribal symbolism, patterns of the natural world and organic shapes in architecture.


My work with textiles uses devoré as a vehicle to express ideas around acceptance of imperfection. Devoré is a sophisticated technique capable of producing elegant results and one which by nature is also a destructive one. Obliterating some areas of the textile structure whilst leaving others intact, devoré creates a fabric that is physically vulnerable but alluring. Imperfections and marks become an integral part of the work. Embracing these and accepting them is a key part in the making and distinguishes the hand of the maker from the machine made.


I work with printed acetates for a different expression, creating wall pieces and installations with multiple uses. Images from from across my body of work are re-created into pinned acetate shapes and assembled using a process I call three dimensional painting to create a subtle layering of colour and pattern that floats off the surface.


My work with paper is a question into the definition of a book, an exploration into their potential as sculptural objects and the tactile transformation that brings. It is a life after reading.


I graduated with a Masters Distinction in Textiles from University for the Creative Arts.








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The scultpure shown here is Copper Bloom by Andy Young

from his Translations in Light collection. www.andyljyoung.com