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I have a profound love of colour and the lyrical energy and exuberance it provokes. Colour to me is a feeling at the heart of everything I create and my work is an expression and response to all that I see and experience in the world around me. My creative practice is rooted in a traditional practice of painting from where I can choose to follow any number of directions mixing diverse materials to create sophisticated pieces.


If colour is in my heart, then music lives in my soul and plays a significant part in my art process.These two things have always gone hand in hand and a new piece of work percolates for a long time in my head before any making begins but once I start, music is what gives me energy and colour my expression.


My taste is very eclectic and it could be anything on the musical spectrum from jazz through classical and indie pop to something completely off the wall like night sounds in the Kalahari desert or Buddhist monks chanting. It's all about the sound and the way it feels, and I see that reflected in my work - a symphony of colour redolent of the tempo and dynamics of a musical composition.


Equally important to me is my practice of meditation which is a balm and a counter balance to this colourful world. It’s a place to reflect and ground myself and creates a new dimension in my work that gives me an equal sense of joy and a very different visual expression.


I’m inspired by many things - the natural world, architecture, rituals, the sacred the spiritual and the strange - and this visual vocabulary transcends all materials.  A vibrant use of colour, pattern and texture has become a signature of my work along with a playful layering of shades, tones, patterns and textures: a creative orchestration that embraces the accidental and unpredictable.


It's a natural instinct for me to consider the order of things, the hidden and the visible, masking and unmasking and how things fit together. Like a composer, there is a sense of the unknown, of chance, of a journey beginning with no certain ending. I like to be unsure of an outcome and I’m seduced by the fun of re-invention and re-assembly, the sense of freedom that comes with experiment and the feeling of happiness I get from my work.


My life has been one of twists and turns but always my choices have been made towards following a creative path and finding the courage to making life changing decisions when I have to. I love this creative life and how I can express my sense of adventure, harmony and happiness through it. It's a feeling I hope those who see my work will take away with them: my sense of joy in a chorus of colour.









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